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It is important to understand your perimeter security from the point of view of experienced thieves and vandals. This is usually the opposite of the impressions that owners of properties have.

1) For example an owner stood proudly pointing at the fencing some fence company had recently installed. It had oodles of razor ribbon atop the fence. “No one is ever going to get over that!” he proclaimed. But why should they? They can just go under the fence. This nutty fence was constructed of the typical green vinyl coated chain link material used at residences except it was 8’ high. The bottom can be lifted off the ground just like a curtain or drapery. 

2) An ornamental steel picket fence with 1” square pickets looks impressive and strong. But remember, experienced trespassing thieves know they have all the time in the world to cut into your fence — it is their time in getting back out that may be limited because they may be spotted and have to flee. But let’s look closely at that ornamental fence. Don’t see anything wrong? Two pickets have been cut through near the bottom, right above the horizontal bottom rail. They are just sitting in place, balanced on the stub below and suspended from the top rail 7’ above. They can be pulled aside whenever the thief wants to come and go. 

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