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Auto Dealer Security That Works

After Hour Protection that Really Works

Securing a large, valuable inventory of vehicles while allowing after hour shoppers to browse a car lot is a security challenge for every auto dealer.  Fences and video surveillance have historically only offered limited proactive protection until now.

Security solutions for auto dealersOur Avigilon/VideoIQ solution helps protect auto dealerships by delivering:

Proactive after-hour protection

Our cameras and encoders deliver better than guard level security at a fraction of the cost by monitoring with real-time event detection, notifying onsite security, roaming patrols, central monitoring stations and customer personnel when after hour trespassing occurs

Immediate "Talk Down" and event verification

Perimeter's cameras and encoders enable our central monitoring station to verify, respond and prevent incidents in real-time. The system identifies people and vehicles on your property. It notifies our central monitoring. Then a real person talks down over public address loudspeakers to the intruder. If it is an after-hours shopper the talk-down is a "warm" one such as "Welcome to ABC Dealership. This is Security. Just wanted you to know we are here for your protection." They can even assist in the sales process by saying something like, "If you want a sales person to contact you on Monday there is a sign-in book at the front door."

Your existing cameras can be converted to our system

Your can retain your existing burglar alarm/ video camera vendor. Our system is seamlessly added on. If you don't have cameras we can of course install the whole system. Just recording events doesn't stop crimes. Our system stops crimes before they happen.

Car Dealership Industry versus Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry makes about 30% net profit. Auto Dealers make about 2% net. This means that if you suffer a major hit it can wipe out your profits. Or insurance rates can double or triple if a $10 million or $20 million dollar claim is paid out. Dealers can't afford those raised future insurance rates. If you could cut out the ongoing, all-the-time small thefts and vandalism that are below your deductible, the maintenance costs for repairing and cleaning up vandalism, the time and paperwork on police reports, insurance reports and having to list a new car as repaired and no longer new if vandalized, your profits would be more than 2%.

Another car sales benefit

During the day if a shopper spends more than a pre-set time on the lot looking at a higher end car we can have the system send a message to your top or preferred salesperson alerting them so they can greet that shopper.

We can also give you a count of the number of people who visit your lot. So if you run an ad campaign this will help give you an objective metric of the response or success of the campaign.