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Protect Your Jobsite at a Fraction of the Cost of a Guard but more effectively

Construction sites get hit by theft, vandalism and trespassing. While the theft of raw materials such as lumber, steel and copper are most common, construction sites can also face threats from vandals and saboteurs. A job in the Philadelphia are recently suffered $4,000,000 of damage in one night. With high cost and limited effectiveness of temp fencing and roaming patrols, there are few options to effectively monitor and protect construction sites until now.

Construction securityPerimeter Protective Systems helps protect construction sites through:

Proactive after-hour protection

On a jobsite which had suffered three break-ins in two weeks prior to our installation of our system, there were zero problems afterwards. Imagine the set-back to your project if major vandalism happened. Or what if a child got seriously injured by the hazards on your site? Now you can prevent it.

Immediate event verification and response

When someone trespasses onto your site, in less than a minute a live person will be talking down to the intruder and warning them to leave immediately. If not the monitoring person calls the police who give this verified breach report their highest priority response. They know it is not a false alarm. Arrests are made.

Minimal infrastructure

All video is maintained by our devices locally and only alarm events stream over the internet to our monitoring station and to your smart phone. Traditional surveillance cameras gobble up loads of bandwidth. Our system can be relocated from one jobsite to the next.

Zero bandwidth recording

Our solution consumes 90% less bandwidth than traditional IP and high definition cameras by storing video in a fully integrated, onboard NVR and eliminating the bandwidth used to backhaul video to centralized storage. Of course, stored and live video is always available at the click of a mouse.

Artificial conditions highly dangerous to trespassing children.

Theft and vandalism, serious as they are, may not be your biggest risk. Every year children die on construction sites. The law holds you and the property owner liable to such injuries in most cases.

Intelligent logging of all vehicles and personnel

We accelerate investigations from days to minutes by intelligently profiling and tagging every person and vehicle seen at the site, allowing operators to rapidly search terabytes of stored video at the click of a button for rule violations, and even search for matches for a particular object across all cameras and encoders in the system.