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IP Surveillance Cameras from Avigilon (formally VideoIQ)

What is the cost of human security officers? Adding the cost of sick days, downtown, worker’s comp claims and injuries, that number is often quite high. Many are heroic but some are the opposite, with the insurance industry reporting 40% of industrial crime as guard-assisted. That is why remote guarding and artificial intelligence with our ability to talk down immediately over loudspeakers is the wave of the future. We have cameras and encoders for sale, offering zero bandwidth recording, our surveillance cameras installed properly can integrate with your existing video management system or work as stand alone systems., What it all means is peace of mind. Our IP surveillance cameras help maintain control of your core assets, provides safety and security while minimizing human error.

Video Cameras and Encoders for Sale
iCVR MP megapixel cameras 
iCVR dome cameras
iCVR encoders
iCST streaming cameras

Advanced Threat Detection with VideoIQ View

Should your security system notify you once it’s too late, or would alerts in advance be better? Advanced Threat Detection with VideoIQ View (or, now, Avigilon View) meant this question could finally be answered: “Notify me in advance!”. By customizing rules of behavior, specifying regions of interest and establishing peak times of risk the system can be customized to your operations. The ability to talk down to an intruder or would-be intruder in real time has tremendous preventative ability.

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