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Video IQ was the pioneer in the field of video analytics with their IQ iCVR camera. Instead of a “dumb” camera that simply records activity that can be reviewed the next day (one day too late!), now the world has a smart camera that reacts in real time. This technology has been used extensively by the military, in government installations and by critical infrastructure operations. Today, smart cameras are being deployed in commercial operations, educational institutions and retail operations where theft and vandalism can be an issue.

Video IQ was purchased by Avigilon and your team at Perimeter are your experts on this line of Smart Cameras.

Video Analytics Software

Avigilon Video Analytics is one of the world’s largest security equipment manufacturers and has acquired VideoIQ in January 2014. We are your direct connection to Avigilon’s impressive array of cameras including the highest definition camera made – a 7K camera. We will help you deploy an intelligent video analytics software that has the ability to identify and in some cases prevent crime. HD video analytics without any encoding or loss of quality will help your security efforts become more accurate with the software’s self-learning capabilities. This Always-On Technology does not fall asleep, look the wrong way or even blink at the wrong time. Pattern-based algorithms will accurately recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that isn’t relevant to a scene.

Intelligent Security Systems

Intelligent digital security systems are the wave of the future. They can bring you from the 21st century into the 22nd century, except they are available today. Humans can’t do what they can do. Users who in the past purchased motion-detecting cameras discovered there were constant false alerts, so they just reverted to letting them record and gather dust. Now your investment in cameras can for the first time really work.

We deploy the

Best Commercial Security Systems in Philadelphia, New Jersey & PA

It is time to convert your existing bullet cameras, dome cameras, thermal cameras, and analog-to-digital equipment and convert them into a video analytic system that you will find indispensable. Leverage a behavioral recognition system that takes the feed from your ip cameras to create a powerful video analytics system that will save man hours, prevent theft and identify risks before tragedy strikes. Call us today for a security consultation.

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